For as many trainwrecks as we've seen, it's refreshing to see someone get it right.

La'el Collins is quite a force to be reckoned with on the offensive side of the ball. As a guard, he helps protect the Cowboys' bread and butter quarterback, Tony Romo. He's six-foot, four inches tall and 315 pounds.

Try going through that!

He's a lot of fun to watch, but his journey to the NFL wasn't all gumdrops and roses. He played dominated at LSU, before declaring for the draft however, no one took him. La'el had to work to prove to teams he was worthy. Finally, in 2015, Dallas took him as an undrafted free agent.

Maybe that's why he's kept his nose clean.

Like anyone else who goes to the NFL, La'el had to endure the symposium. This is a seminar that teaches players how to behave and how to deal with the mass amount of money that will be coming their way. As we've seen with players like Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon, this sometimes falls on deaf ears.

It hasn't for La'el.

According to the Dallas News, La'el has become quite independent and responsible for himself and his actions. When asked about not spending his rookie earnings (something many have already burned through at this point), he responded honestly.

"It's cool really being able to do things for yourself, do things for your family but also live on a budget, make the right financial decisions. The first year, I didn't buy anything, just kind of saved and just made sure I create great spending habits for myself and not try to do too much."

Smart man. No wonder he is doing so well on a professional level. Can't wait to watch him this season!

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