The much anticipated UFC fight between Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov and Ireland's Conor McGregor is the talk of the fight world today. It's not about what happened during the fight, but the action after the fight.

Khabib was being taunted by someone from Conor's team during the fight and after the fight ended in round 4 with McGregor tapping out, Khabib climbed out of the ring and attacked members of the McGregor team.

UFC lightweight champion Nurmagomedov tells the media that he did not show his “best side” by jumping over the cage and attacking Conor McGregor’s team and he has apologized, but points to all of the antics from McGregor leading up to the fight. Khabib also says MMA is a respect sport and shouldn’t be about trash talk, while adding that he expects his dad to “smash him” when he gets home. Nurmagomedov also discusses a phone call he received from Vladimir Putin after defending his lightweight title.

UFC president Dana White tells the media Khabib Nurmagomedov's  is being withheld while this incident is being investigated by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

White says in his 18 years promoting with the company, this was the craziest moment. He expresses his disappointment with how everything unfolded, and doesn’t care about the PPV numbers.


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