There's no doubt you've already seen them. Groups of people wandering around public areas, stores, and neighborhoods with their attention glued to their phones. They are playing the new 'Pokemon GO.' And while it's a fun interactive game, it does have some drawbacks, including people who want to take advantage of large groups of people wandering around with their attention glued to their phones.

The new interactive game, Pokemon GO, has people searching all over for the little animated creatures. However, one needs to know the dangers of exploring areas of the city in which one may be unfamiliar. Recently, two teenagers were held up while searching for Pokemon at Columbia Park.

Luckily no one was seriously hurt, and the kids were able to recover their stolen property quickly (thanks to some special apps), but it reminds us that we still need to be vigilant maintaining our and our children's safety.

Robert and Erin talked to one of the boys' mother to get the full story.

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