In a little over a week, Pokemon Go has become the most downloaded app EVER for smart devices. It's taking the world by storm, and some businesses are taking advantage of the millions of people wandering around looking for the little monsters.

You see, since Pokemon Go uses GPS and map data to place Pokemon in public areas, some business owners at first balked at the idea that imaginary animated critters were bouncing around their stores. When they realized that a free marketing opportunity was laid at their feet, they quickly developed plans to make their businesses, not only Pokemon friendly...but encouraging. Go

I've seen pictures on social media of a pizza place offering free products depending on someone's game level. Sometimes, a business may be a gym or PokeStop, so the owner will throw out a lure to get people to come in. While they are looking for Pokemon, they are also browsing the store. Not a bad way to drive sales.

One local business, Hippie Baby, is hosting a Pokemon themed event. The Shreveport store is a natural parenting boutique. One of it's most popular items is a child carrier that a parent can wear, comfortably securing the child while leaving the mom's or dad's hands free for doing finding a Pokemon.

Hippie Baby

Here's what Hippie Baby says on their event page for the Pokémon GO Babywearing Tour.

Join us for a babywearing tour of Downtown Shreveport as we try to Catch 'Em All!! The area surrounding Hippie Baby in downtown is littered with PokéStops, gyms, and best of all Pokémon!!

We will begin at Hippie Baby with themed snacks and Pikatchu Punch and then explore downtown Shreveport with our little ones! Stick those babies in carriers and come on down!! Older children and toddlers are welcome, too.

The lesson for business owners is this is the future. And you better catch it NOW!