I am not a bad guy. I don't think I am on any no-fly list. I still get very nervous when I have to go through TSA screening when I board a flight. The reason? I believe TSA has to pursue their job in reverse order than what The Constitution suggests.

By that I mean this, TSA presumes guilt first, then innocence. I remember one time my wife left some cuticle scissors in a carry on bag that I placed on the belt. The TSA screener talked to me as if I had a bomb up my butt and explosives in my shoe. I guess they have to be that way but it still doesn't feel right.

Now comes word that in the very near future you might have to pull out your books, magazines, binders, and other papers and put them in a separate bin when going through TSA inspection. That has raised a lot of privacy concerns.

Imagine having to pull out an important office presentation or legal document and put it on a public scanner. Or having the entire world discover your reading habits. Granted most of us have nothing to hide and very little to fear in this regard but just because it doesn't apply to most of us doesn't mean The Constitution doesn't apply.

I still maintain that we should ban all carry-on bags. But, if you travel for work and you need your computer you certainly wouldn't feel safe putting that in a checked bag either. Oh, the conundrum that is air travel these days.

Since the TSA seems to act like they are in charge we must let them. Like I suggested, most of us have very little to worry about other than another minor inconvenience. Still, there will be enough of a stink raised by this proposal that you haven't heard the last of it. Maybe we should start selling fake covers for magazines so you won't be embarrassed to read them on an airplane.

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