As expected, former President Donald Trump is in the running to be President of the United States again. This announcement comes just a week after a predicted "red wave" in Congress failed to live up to the hype. But the Republicans will retake the House while the Democrats have retained control of the Senate.

Here Is Part of What Trump Said:

In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States. I am running because I believe the world has not yet seen the true glory of what this nation can be.

Trump was surrounded by American flags and banners saying “Make America Great Again”. Several hundred supporters were in the audience along with family members. Notable absent was his daughter Ivanka Trump who says she is focusing more time on her children. Her husband Jared Kushner did attend the announcement.

Trump added that he will again "put America first."

Trump cited wins in the recent elections, but many of the candidates he supported struggled to make headway with voters. The GOP gained just a slight majority in the House.

Louisiana voters supported Trump with more than 58% of the vote in 2020 while Joe Biden got nearly 40% of the vote in the Bayou State. Trump also got 58% of the vote in 2016 to 38% for Hillary Clinton. But Trump faces a long line of critics among previous allies who want to find a new leader for the party who can find a path to victory against Joe Biden in 2024. One of those is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who is considered an early favorite for a White House run.

Former Vice President Mike Pence is also considered a possible contender which could set up a tough path forward for Trump.

Political opponents won't be the only hurdles for Trump. He is also facing a possible criminal investigation into classified documents seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago and ongoing state and federal inquiries into his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Trump is still quite popular and is considered the most powerful force in the Republican party. He still draws thousands to his shows political rallies and will likely hit the ground running to travel the country to drum up support for his re-election bid.

But a recent AP poll shows 43% of Republicans don’t want to see him run for President in 2024.

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