Samples taken from the Bossier City water system have tested positive for DNA traces of Naegleria fowleri, often referred to as a brain eating amoeba.

The DNA was found in a sample taken from the a site on Lantana Lane. Additionally, active Naegleria Fowleri was found in pre-treated water at a site on Hamilton Road. The treated water at the Hamilton Road site did not test positive for the amoeba, or it's DNA.

In late 2018, the Bossier City water system had to undergo a "chlorine burn" after traces of the amoeba was found in the system. The "burn" resulted in multiple online complaints about the smell, taste, and feeling of the water, with some residents complaining that the water irritated their skin.

Nationally recognized water activist Erin Brockovich turned the Bossier water story into a national headline when she responded to the ordeal on social media. Brockovich sent her team's "water expert", Bob Bowcock, to Bossier City for question and answer sessions on the Naegleria Fowleri situation. While he was visiting, he spoke with KEEL News, and predicted that (based on the evidence he'd gathered from the Bossier water system) that the amoeba would come back "...again and again".


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