YWCA Women Who Care Share Luncheon

I have been involved in helping the YWCA in Northwest Louisiana for many years. I currently serve on the Finance Committee. But today I can not explain how proud I am of the local women who have worked so hard to keep this agency going. It's been a long struggle. But it is definitely on the way back.

That was very apparent at the Thursday Women Who Care, Share luncheon at Eastridge Country. It was a sold out crowd featuring a keynote address from Louisiana first lady Donna Edwards. She told the crowd her husband's top priority next year is to boost teacher pay. That was one highlight of the event. But for me, it was the historic nature of having the 3 mayors of Louisiana's largest cities in attendance.

LaToya Cantrell has been on the job for just over 3 months in New Orleans. Sharon Weston Broome is in her first term as Mayor of Baton Rouge. And Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler was also there. It was the first time the 3 mayors of Louisiana's largest cities met together. Whether you agree with their politics or not, you have to note the historic nature of this event. I'm fairly certain there is no other state in the nation that has 3 African American women as mayors of the 3 largest cities.

It is a clear sign to women of all backgrounds that you CAN do anything.  All 3 of the women say it's been a struggle, but they continue to work hard to get things done.

My Mother would have been thrilled to have witnessed this historic event. Mom was in the first group of folks trained to be Jobs Corps workers. She left our family (6 children and my baby brother was a new born) to go to Tuskegee for this 6 week training course. She came home and helped start the Jobs Corps program in Louisiana. She would be so proud to see these women leading our state's biggest cities.

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