New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell is encouraging Mardi Gras advisory council members to have all krewes fully vaccinated before the 2022 carnival season. Is this an indicator that the good times will roll once again after a two-year absence? Mardi Gras Guide publisher Arthur Hardy seems to think it’s the formidable carrot to dangle towards some forty thousand krewe members.

“That’s quite a block of people and if they all got behind this movement it’s kind of like jab me now so I can ride on my float later. That’s the plan and I think it’s a good one,” said Hardy.

With carnival season set to begin in approximately three months, Hardy said it’s encouraging news especially as COVID hospitalizations continue to decline. But as hopeful as Hardy is about 2022, he knows that revelers must remain guarded.

“I’m hoping that all things are a go as of now, and you know everybody understands if there’s some incredible outbreak in January of the virus that all bets are off,” said Hardy.

Hardy said the more people who are vaccinated the more likely we are to have a safer Mardi Gras season and with the pandemic and two catastrophic hurricane seasons, there’s a great need to let loose and catch some beads.

“So much need to celebrate, not just financially because of business and all but just emotionally. We really need a party, it’s time to put those things in the rearview mirror and get back to what we do,” said Hardy.

Carnival season kicks off on January 6th and Fat Tuesday is March 1st.

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