Former NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow was released by the New York Jets on Monday and now he is out of work. Where will Tebow play next? Some have thought the Canadian Football League would be a great place.

It looks like that won't be an option either. The Montreal Alouettes own Tebow's exclusive CFL negotiating rights, and their general manager, Jim Popp is not ready to place him on the Montreal Alouettes roster.

Jim Popp told the Montreal Gazette, “We have quarterbacks under contract, we’re going to camp in a month. We’ve got a starting quarterback. I’m not out there enticing or trying to convince Tebow to come to Montreal because he’s not going to be a starting quarterback. He would be coming to Montreal to be a backup player, to learn the game and, maybe, in the future, he’ll be able to compete for a starting job.”

The Alouettes have no plans to contact Tebow and he has not them either.

Via [Los Angeles Times]