While advances in technology have brought us so many options when it comes to entertainment, it sometimes feels like we have been cheated out of creating new classics. Sure, we can pop open our smart phone and find videos and podcasts at any time, but its not the same as having locally produced specials being created in your own community.

I'm talking about classic creations, like local horror movie hosts on Friday and Saturday nights. Or early morning kids programming with a local version of Bozo The Clown, or after school programming created for local markets. These, much like radio plays from the 1930s and 1940s, have not disappeared recently, they have actually been gone for decades now. Really, when was the last time you saw a local horror host doing movies on the weekend?

But it wasn't just weekend or after school specials, there were holiday specials too. Especially when it comes to Christmas. In Shreveport, these Christmas specials lasted all the way into the 1980s.

As we stated already, new technology allows us to be able to find content whenever we want to look. Thankfully there are people out in the world who are finding this old classic content, and preserving it for history. Which means we can still find the content when we want to look. Even though its not new.

Here's one of those classic Shreveport-based Christmas specials from back in the 1980s...


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