The new iPhone 11 is out and MAN is it pricey. After a bit of research and googling, I found that with all the bells and whistles, it'll cost you a little over 1,200 bucks.

That got me thinking about all the other things I could do with that money. Thankfully, there are plenty of options when it comes to spending money in the SBC. So, lets take a look at all the things you can get locally, for right around the price of the new iPhone.

Let's start with a local staple. The Shreveport Mudbugs. The average ticket to see the amazing Mudbugs in all their glory is 15 dollars. That means for around the price of this piece of technology you can grab up 80 tickets.

Johnny's Pizza House is also a local favorite. According to my calculations, you can get yourself 67 fourteen-inch Sweep the Swamp pizzas for the price of ONE of these famous smart phones.

And finally. For the price of this phone, I found out at the famous Southern Classic you can get 48 twelve-piece mixed meals. That's 576 individual pieces of delicious Southern Classic chicken. That's enough chicken to fill a small hot-tub!


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