"Go ahead and take the spot I wanted. You clearly need Jesus more than me."

Even the holiest of thous can become less than holy in the church parking lot. Growing up in the church, I know this. Obviously, no one is perfect so why would we expect to see perfect people just because we've crossed onto "holy grounds."

John Crist is quickly becoming one of my favorite comedians because he is just good, clean fun.

Recently I posted his video of what typically happens each time the family gathers together for holiday photos. Now, he's back driving through the church parking lot, late for church. I will admit, that many of these statements have come out of my mouth. My favorite however, is when he sees the sign marking off a section for "guest, single parents, and expectant mothers" and says "Who doesn't have a parking spot these days?"

Whether you're an avid church goer or an occasional attendee, I think you'll find this hilarious.

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