Times are tough. People need money… and food. Sadly, this means that sometimes the ones who are desperate resort to thievery as the only way out. This guy is no exception. To bad for him, his crime is a story that is sure to brighten up your day. All he wanted was a sandwich…

In this hilarious story of criminal incompetence, a man from Nanaimo, B.C. (that’s in Canada!) stole what he assumed to be a couple of delicious sandwiches from the local 7-Eleven convenience store. Let’s be honest — when have we encountered bad 7-Eleven food? Hmm…

Anyway, according to the Nanaimo Daily News, the culprit was in search of some breakfast sandwiches. However, one of the immense drawbacks to the situation was the fact that those sandwiches? Well, they weren’t quite real. They were plastic reproductions of the sandwich — most likely on display to show what the wrapped ones look like.

The hilarious robbery went down last week around 3AM. When the man realized that the sandwiches were not real, he allegedly tossed one across the street, keeping the other… for leftovers? We’re not sure.

We are curious as to when he discovered they weren’t real. Did he bite into it? If so, police should keep an eye out for a man with broken teeth.

But fear not citizens of Nanaimo — police traced the brilliant mind back to a nearby hotel. He returned the plastic sandwiches willingly. Our guess is he was full.

When everything was returned to the 7-Eleven without damage the owner decided not to  press charges… most likely because the criminal’s embarrassment was enough punishment.