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United States Vice President Kamala Harris was scheduled to make a trip to Louisiana today, but that trip won't be happening. The Vice President canceled her trip due to the invasion of Ukraine.

Harris was scheduled to appear in Louisiana to support the massive infrastructure package passed at the federal level. She was going to appear in the small community of Sunset, where she was going to promote massive investments into bringing high speed internet access to rural communities.

But last night, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards made the announcement that Harris would be calling off the Louisiana trip. Governor Edwards said:

“The Vice President has delayed her trip to Louisiana, which is a wise and understandable decision given the state of affairs with Ukraine. I am praying for the President and the Vice President and their advisors and our military leaders at this time, that they may act with strength and resolve in response to this escalating conflict. I look forward to welcoming her to our great state at a more appropriate time."

As understandable as it is for the Vice President to not conduct business while a world power is invading another country, President Joe Biden is continuing on with his non-Ukraine work today.

While the Vice President is calling off her work in Louisiana, President Biden picked today to announce his pick for the Supreme Court. Not only has President Biden announced that Judge Ketarnji Brown Jackson will be his pick, he's going to hold a press event for the announcement.

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