There are no shortage of gross food accident stories out there. But, this one is pretty rough. I noticed getting to the studio this morning that Erin was late. Not a very common occurrence, but I didn't think much of it. Then I noticed Erin's demeanor once she got to the studio. She didn't quite seem in a bad mood, but seemed a bit stunned. Again, we start our day at 4AM, so I don't read much in to moods until after coffee.

The first hour of the morning show was about to start and Erin says "Ooooh man... I had a horrible mishap in the kitchen this morning." After deciding to tell her story on the air, all I could do was sit, wait, and guess in my head what she had done.

Now, I've had plenty of experience in kitchen mishaps. From falling asleep with a pizza in the oven, to melting a plastic cutting-board on the stove. In fact most of my mishaps stem from almost burning down the house by using the oven. But, I have been fortunate to not have a mishap as disgusting as Erin's.

Erin explained on the air, that she makes a protein-shake at home every morning before work, and drinks it in her car on the way to work. She explained her routine of adding the ingredients to her bullet-mixer and put emphasis on the fact that she adds almond milk out of the carton in to her shake mix. Turns out, she also keeps stocks and stuff in old washed-out milk cartons.

Apparently in the process of mixing her morning shake, she didn't quite pay attention to what milk-carton she pulled out of the fridge. She didn't realize her horrible mistake until she took a big gulp of her shake while in the car on the way to work. The poor woman had accidentally added shrimp-stock instead of almond milk to her shake. I'm going to go ahead and assume that it didn't mix well with the protein-powder and fruit.

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