I picked an odd year to start doing things in Shreveport that I'd never done before. I guess being locked out of my favorite restaurants and bars is something I never thought I'd have to do. But over the weekend I got to finally get out and head to Shreveport's Farmer's Market at Festival Plaza.

Firstly, it's a fantastic place to stop for lunch. Several vendors have some truly amazing hot food options and tables, so you can eat comfortably outside. I have heard Farmer's Market regulars talking about going there just for lunch.

The produce options are amazing. Everything from fresh herbs and vegetables to locally sourced honey can be found, and it's all great. There are also several specialty booths serving up locally made coffees, teas, tinctures, and even homemade BBQ sauce.

I am a coffee and tea addict. For someone from such a hot climate, I'm a huge fan of hot drinks. I was lucky enough to bump in to The Southern Kitchen Witchery booth. I walked away from the booth with a new understanding of metaphysical tools, as well as some delicious organic herbal teas.

The smell of coffee hit me like a ton of bricks. Special Reserve Coffee Roasters was able to help me out with an amazing cup of coffee and a couple of bags of fantastic locally roasted coffee. My wife loves their Peruvian blend, and I'm a huge fan of the "Old Bisineau" roast.

Do yourself a favor and head to Festival Plaza for the Farmer's Market every Saturday starting at 8am.

Shreveport Farmer's Market

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