The Shreveport City Council has delayed action on a plan to make some serious improvements to basic needs in our community.

The panel has decided to wait another 2 weeks to take a vote on Mayor Tom Arceneaux' plan to adjust the budget to put more money into several critical areas. Arceneaux has told KEEL News residents have repeatedly told him they want to see more work done on 4 critical areas:

1. Street improvements

2. Litter abatement

3. Clearing out abandoned properties

4. Street lights

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

The Mayor has proposed  $9.5 million for streets capital projects.

Here's the list of streets the Mayor wants to work on with this money:


The Mayor is also proposing a budget amendment to put $1,000,000 dollars more into the efforts to demolish dilapidated structures and blight abatement. Arceneaux also wants $500,000 for street lighting and another $500,000 for litter pickup.

Council members have asked several question about the list of streets and how these have been prioritized. There is some concern about making sure each council district gets some of the money for street projects.

But this entire package of budget changes will have to wait until the next meeting which is on Tuesday May 9.

The council did approve Tom Dark as Chief Administrative Officer and Sherricka Fields Jones as Finance Director.

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