The Children's Place retailer is closing 300 stores across the country, but the outlet store in Bossier City at the Boardwalk is open, for now.
KEEL News checked with the store to find out if it is one of the locations closing and we were told "we probably won't know until the very last minute".

Children's Place

The company has about 900 stores across the country, but many of them have been shut down because of the pandemic. Some have recently reopened. The store at the Boardwalk is open Tuesday-Sunday from 11am-6pm (except Father's Day from noon-5pm).

The 300 stores on the chopping block are expected to close in the next 20 months. 100 stores are likely closing by the end of June. Some of the stores will open up for liquidation sales.

Sales at The Children's Place have been down by nearly 40% for the first quarter.

“We anticipate that the lingering impact of COVID-19 will continue to accelerate the shift to digital, putting enormous pressure on the already-stressed brick and mortar channel, resulting in accelerated store closures,” president and CEO Jane Elfers said.

There is concern about what back to school sales will be like this year since some schools might not go back into session as we know it. Several school districts have been talking about continuing virtual learning. Others have talked about some sort of hybrid learning environment. The jury is still out on that.

About 350 stores are reopening Tuesday with plans to have all of the others back open on July 1st. The Bossier location is now back open.


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