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The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is on the verge of easing some of the remaining COVID-19 pandemic guidelines that remain in the country. Especially with some of the more impactful rules on the public.

One of the main changes, according to this report, will be the lifting of "social distancing" guidelines. Since early 2020, we've heard various rules and guidelines that have said we must "stay 6 feet apart". You can still see some of the signs up in stores and venues. But from the start, that 6-foot-rule was always in question.

It would seem the distance of 6 feet was randomly selected in the United States. The World Health Organization used a metric of half that distance, 3 feet. The US just decided to double the distance, which had a major impact on lockdowns, schools, and businesses. When you doubled the distance that people had to remain separated, locations suddenly couldn't have as many people in as possible. They had to turn away customers, or keep their facilities shut down. Keeping those facilities shutdown is one of the major components of the inflation the world is dealing with.

Now, the CDC is preparing to do away with social distancing altogether. Even though social distancing hasn't been as big of a deal in the last few months, there has still been the ongoing suggestion that people keep distance between each other, and have been some advising against crowded areas. But now that concept is being totally scrapped by the agency.

According to these reports, the CDC will now be recognizing a metric many asked for all the way back in 2020...recognize those who are most at-risk, and focus prevention and treatment efforts on them.

Even though that is a really big part of these changes, the changes to the school guidelines will be even bigger.

The social distancing guidelines will also be dropped for school settings. But so will masking and testing guidelines in schools. One of the biggest changes will be the "test to stay" concept that many schools deployed previously. That testing concept asked people who were exposed to a positive COVID case to keep testing negative to remain in attendance. But now they will be able to remain until they show symptoms.

Those who have close contacts will also not have to quarantine at home, even if they are unvaccinated. The CDC will now allow anyone, even the unvaccinated, to remain in attendance after close contacts, unless they show symptoms.

According to the reports, the only people who now need to quarantine are those who are sick with COVID-19.

Again, these are all reports based on previews of these documents. There could still be some last minute changes before this is published for the public. But for right now, it looks like the CDC is about to drop most COVID guidelines.

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