In this pandemic year of 2020, we've not had an awful lot to look forward to. Thanksgiving might be one of the few things we could be optimistic about. Well, the food aspect of Thanksgiving anyway. To help celebrate our attitude of gratitude on Thursday we have even more good news. The cost of the traditional Thanksgiving meal is going to cost you less this year. 

Based on the information provided by the American Farm Bureau Federation the average cost of a traditional Thanksgiving meal is going to cost you about $2.00 less than it cost you last year. That figure is based on a traditional meal with turkey, sides, and something to drink. The cost savings were based on a meal that would feed ten people.

If there is a downside to the great feed on Thursday it might be this. The cost of your pumpkin pie is going to be a little higher this year. The Louisiana Farm Bureau figures suggest that the cost of pumpkin pie filling is up by about 6% compared to 2019. You'll also pay about .16 cents more for those fabulous Thanksgiving rolls.

Granted, a lot of us will view this Thanksgiving as a bittersweet time. Sure, it's great to have a table filled with great foods but because of the pandemic, although that table setting might not be for nearly as many guests as in years past.

Governor Edwards and leading health officials are imploring residents of Louisiana and the nation to keep Thanksgiving celebrations small and confined. Unfortunately, it doesn't look as if many people are heeding that suggestion. We can only hope that everyone is on the best pandemic behavior.

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