Some may joke that Twinkies could last forever, but if someone wants to challenge that, an East Texas man can give you a head-start.

Mike Garrett of Mineola, Texas, is selling a six-year-old box of Twinkies.

"A 2007 issue from the first Transformers movie, that's the promo material they got on the outside of it," Garrett explained to 710 KEEL.  "The box is untouched.  It's literally unopened and sitting there since 2007."

And a lot has changed since that box of sponge cakes were purchased.  George W. Bush was the president, Miley Cyrus went from Hannah Montana to this, gasoline prices were at a "record high" of $3.07 on average nationally, and the New Orleans Saints have won a Super Bowl.

Garrett and his wife decided to clean out his mother-in-law's pantry.

"It's been in my mother-in-law's food pantry.  When my wife and I went over and cleaned out the pantry, it was right in the back."

And it hadn't moved since until now.  What does he think these golden sponge cakes would look like after all these years?

"It could be green Twinkies swimming in nasty-ness.  It could be perfect zombie apocalypse food, who knows," Garrett pondered.  "I'm not going to put it out there to say that these are edible Twinkies.  I don't know.  I'm not a food preservationist guy.  If someone buys them and want to eat them... that's on them."

How you can get your hands on these Twinkies?

The Mineola resident says he is looking to trade his box on Craigslist.

"So far, I have been offered fast food meals.  Several of those.  One guy offered me a wooden ammo box with all kinds of surprises inside," Garrett shared.  "He wouldn't tell me what they were.  I'm just holding out to see what I can get because it's just fun.  Who knows what someone will offer me for original 2007 Twinkies."

But Garrett does add that there may be monetary value for a potential buyer right on the box.

"I know that there is a $4 rebate on the box," shared Garrett.  "I'm not sure if that mail-in offer is still good for the original Transformers film.  If you have the box of Twinkies and you have the original Transformers movie and you have the UPC, it's still worth $4 if they want to honor that."