David Sloane, attorney and founder of the Law Offices of David Sloane, has shined the light on actual dashcam footage from the police cruiser of Chad Harden, a former Texas DPS (Department of Public Safety) officer who was busted for vaporizing confiscated cannabis, while on duty in Iowa Park, Texas.

To set the stage for why this video has since gone viral, we must first meet our cast.

Who Is David Sloane?

First, there's David Sloane.  According to Sloane's website, "Prior to attending law school David Sloane was a Police Lieutenant with a strong background in criminal investigations and crime scene analysis. He has become respected and known as a formidable opponent in the court room for challenging misconduct or illegal actions by law enforcement."

Who Is Chad Harden?

Then there's Chad Harden. (and his police cruiser dashcam video) Yahoo.com says, "Chad Harden, 45, of Iowa Park, Texas, is "A former Texas Department of Public Safety trooper who worked out of Wichita Falls" and "is facing two felony charges, according to online information from the Wichita County Jail."

How Did The State of Texas Get In The Middle of This?

In this tale of what we'll call "The 420 Blue", Sloane explains that after a flurry of legal disclosures from the State of Texas involving cases of his clients and Trooper Harden, he began to investigate as to why there seemed to be more to the story.

The investigation led to these cases being dismissed outright. This heightened Sloane's curiosity further. Weeks later, Sloane discovered that Trooper Harden had resigned and was accused of mishandling or tampering with evidence and was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Now, with his antennae fully erect, Sloane began to dig deeper with a series of public information requests from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

These ultimately led to Sloane's request for all dashcam video tapes from Trooper Harden's police cruiser, and while viewing one of these videos, Sloane says he got the answer he had suspected.

Still from dashcam footage in YouTube video from David Sloane
Still from dashcam footage in YouTube video from David Sloane

There, in the video, was Trooper Harden, vaping the very marijuana he had just confiscated from someone he had just stopped.

During questioning by a Texas Ranger concerning the findings of the video, Harden claimed he had "accidentally inhaled THC, as stupid as that sounds. And I felt it fill up my lungs. I pushed it out as fast as I could."

Sloane goes on to say that the Texas Rangers found 20 other cases where this trooper stopped somebody and took their contraband and it never made it to the evidence box. Sloane also suggests that the District Attorney knows of these occasions and yet only charged Harden with one count of tampering with evidence and one count of possession of a controlled substance.

Sloane continues to lament, stating that when Harden went to court, the District Attorney dismissed the charge of possession of a controlled substance and accepted a guilty plea for evidence tampering for which Harden received, in essence, a two year probation.

Sloane's biggest concern appears to be the attempt by Texas, or at least the District Attorney of Wichita County, to cover up the incident and the possibility of so many more instances just like this one.

See the video for yourself and you decide why Texas might not have been forthcoming with all details from the beginning.

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