I was born and raised in the West Coast, and when I made the move to Texas in 2011 I got my first real taste of the south. However, there were some things that I had no idea about up until a month ago when I made the move to SBC.

1. There is a festival for EVERYTHING! 


From Tamales to Crawfish, there is always a reason to bring out the cooler and sunblock. It's a festival y'all!

2. Things can get really tricky when you need to pronounce them out loud.

Doug Pensiuge/ Getty Images

Natchitoches? Pontchartrain? I mean am I even spelling it right? Not even spellcheck can help me here. Yup, I am used to the locals laughing at my pronunciation.

3. Get used to fried foods.

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If it's fried it will be the house specialty at every mom and pops restaurant. No complaints from this big girl!

4. People are very nice.


People hold doors open, wave and greet you. "How's your momma and dem?" Wait a minute, you know my parents? Uhh they're great. Thanks for asking! The best part everyone seems to have a sense of humor.

5. Get used to the lingo.


Makin' groceries and fixin' tah. I've perfected my y'all and yes'm!

6. The food is spicy.


I am a huge fan of spicy. The fact that every restaurant abides by the two T's on every table makes me love this place even more. Leave that Tony's Seasoning and Tabasco on the table!

7. You can take it to geaux!


I walked out of a restaurant with a STRONG margarita and it was totally cool with everyone. I just followed the lead of the table before me!


8. Every Sportsman's or Sportswoman's dream.


Yup, there is a reason our captain Gary McCoy calls Louisiana home. We have one of the best and most beautiful places to hunt and fish!

9. It's Humid, deal with it.

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It's a way of life, and the local ladies must have a secret serum they use to keep their hair looking great. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS! No, I am not sweating I am glistening.

10. The music is amazing.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

If you're home on a Saturday night, it's because you want to be. The deep history of music is unreal in this state. There won't ever be a lack of good food or great music in SBC!


I am forever grateful to call SBC home, Cheers!