Family members of 16-year-old Matthew Szempruch are saying his progress is nothing short of a miracle.

The teen was originally listed in critical condition after an August attack at a Bossier City apartment complex. Here's an update posted three months ago by Bethany Provost Fitzner on the "Miracles for Matthew" Go Fund Me page:

Wonderful news everyone!! Matthew has been discharged from the hospital! He will still be attending regular physical therapy sessions to determine long term damage, if any, that may have occurred. He also may have to stay on anti seizure medications throughout his life, but things are still early and doctors are calling Matthew and his progress nothing short of a miracle! Of course, we owe so much to all of you... Matthew's family, friends, and some complete strangers. It's amazing what the human spirit is capable of when inspired by love. Continue those prayers (i'd say they've sure worked thus far!!!) and please keep sharing Matthew's story. He will still need all the help he can get to assist with medical expenses! Again thank you to each and every one of you that donated, simply shared, or did both. God Bless!

CLICK HERE to help Matthew and his family with medical bills via the Go Fund Me page.