A lot of good was done in Louisiana in 2017 and now we've got the numbers to prove it.

We saw a lot of tragedy in 2017. We saw a lot of devastation and heartache. Yet, in the midst of all of that, we saw something truly magical. Regardless is anyone wanted to give the "good news" the time of day, 2017 was definitely a year of loving on one another and picking others up when they are down. This happened on a national level, but also right here in Louisiana.

GoFundMe has the proof in their "A Year in Giving" report.

Each year, the campaign fundraising site crunched the numbers on campaigns started and the number of donors. As a global do-good network, we can see these numbers all around the world and even down to each individual state. Louisiana started 13,948 campaigns through GoFundMe and as a whole we saw 165,907 people donate throughout the year.

That's a lot of good.

Of course this is only a "GoFundMe snapshot" of all the good that was done in our state in 2017. California had the most campaigns started with 138,443 and had 2,392,873 donors. By far the biggest campaign across the entire GoFundMe network was the Las Vegas Victims' Fun which, thanks to efforts of number icons across the globe, received $11,623,300. That effort was started by Clark County Commission Chair Steve Sisolak.

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