This seven year old is on a mission to spread love for our men and women in uniform.

Often times, the biggest truths come from our children. Kids are perceptive, loving and intuitive. They also bring joy to everyone around them. Rosalyn Baldwin is a beacon of that description. She is seven years old and has just set out on a mission, with the help of her mother, to hug police officers in every single state.

She began her quest in January 2017.

After seeing police officers shot in both Texas and Louisiana, Rosalyn began to think of the family friends that serve in law enforcement. It was after church one day that she expressed her desire to journey across the country and hug police officers. According to her website, she told them, "I know I'm a little girl... but I have a big heart. Will you and Daddy please help me do this."

How can you deny that heart?

The family started in Louisiana before branching out. You can follow Rosalyn's journey at RosalynLoves on Facebook or on her website, The trip has been completely funded by the generosity of others through a Go Fund Me account. Her goal is to simply express her love and gratitude. Of course, she's also had some pretty spectacular experiences along the way.

So far she has visited:








South Carolina

North Carolina


And her website continues to be updated with their travels. Something tells us that she will be spreading the love in more ways than one for the rest of her life. Rosalyn has a heart of gold!

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