United States Senator Ted Cruz brought his re-election campaign to tiny Jefferson, Texas on Thursday, trumpeting the successes of the Trump administration, but saying there is still more work to do.

Cruz, who was a Presidential candidate for the Republican nomination in 2016, says President Donald Trump has already succeeded in accomplishing his four major goals set for his first term, including tax reform, reducing government regulation, undoing Obamacare and a lasting, conservative judiciary.

After opening with an anecdote by Ronald Reagan about the difference between and Republicans and Democrats, the veteran Texas lawmaker emphasized the importance of the upcoming Supreme Court appointment by the President, the second of the Trump Presidency. After saying that all of the potential nominees with stand up for conservative values, Cruz threw his weight behind Utah Senator Mike Lee, saying the President, "couldn't find a more qualified nominee" for the nation's high court.

Cruz, who appeared before a packed house at Joseph's Riverport Barbecue, then hammered Dems on "open borders" policy and touted his own history of calling for border security and again took a stand with President Trump by calling for the building of a border wall, citing his own "El Chapo" legislation, which would funnel all money seized from Mexican and Central American drug cartels toward the funding of that barrier.

Cruz faces Democrat Beto O'Rourke in the November election, a sseat that the GOP has held for forty years.

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