Louisiana teachers will likely see a pay raise later this year. Lawmakers are expected to approve an increase to move educators closer to the southern average.

Governor John Bel Edwards has proposed a $3,000 dollar increase for teachers and a $1,500 dollar increase for support staff. BESE has proposed a $2,000 increase for teachers and many lawmakers say they are more inclined to go with that lower number because this is a recurring expense that could be a problem funding if the state faces financial troubles in the future.

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Teachers in Louisiana got a $1,500 increase in 2022 which moves them up the list a bit. But many other states also approved an increase.

The National Education Association keeps track of the rankings and this latest data is for the 2020-2021 school year.

Top 10 States for Teacher Pay

  1. New York - $87,841
  2. California - $84,034
  3. Massachusetts - $84,018
  4. District of Columbia - $82,278
  5. Connecticut - $77,858
  6. New Jersey - $77,717
  7. Alaska - $77,689
  8. Maryland - $77,255
  9. Rhode Island - $75,573
  10. Illinois - $75,540

Louisiana is #35 with an average teacher salary of $51,408. If this latest proposal passes, teachers would make close to $55,000 a year, but that still would not move them up the list because the state right ahead of Louisiana is Utah which pays teachers $56,689. Texas teachers are paid $61,030 to land at #25 on the list. The Arkansas average teacher salary is $49,039 which puts them at #39 in the nation.

How Much Do Teachers in Each Parish in Louisiana Make?

You might be surprised to learn the highest paid teachers in the state are in northwest Louisiana.

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