U.S. Considering Banning TikTok
Due to the fact that the Chinese government has access to all of these apps, TikTok is one of 60 different apps banned in India. According to Fox News, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo thinks that the U.S. could be next to ban TikTok.
Why Parents Need to Know About the Sarahah App
It started off as a simple way for employees to speak up without fear of being fired. Saudi Arabian developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq created the website to help businesses. By having their employees send in anonymous feedback to their employers...
Red Cross Smartphone App Unleashed
Just in time for summer, and the bumps and bruises that go with it, the American Red Cross has launched its official first aid app. The first aid app puts free and simple lifesaving information right in the hands of smart phone users.

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