I was obsessed with TikTok, like to the point where I would ignore my partner while we were sitting on the couch. I have found new songs that I love and I have laughed so hard I have cried. When I visited my family in Seattle I found out that none of my family members had the app downloaded on their phone.

My family's reasoning freaked me out. China has access to everything on my phone. My browser history, yup it is all theirs for the taking, my pictures, all theirs too. My bank information, it's there for them to laugh at as well (sore subject). So, when I heard about the Chinese government has all of my information because of the app, I freaked out and removed TikTok from my phone and also deleted my account.

TikTok is owned by a Chinese tech company called ByteDance. The app announced they would withdraw operations from Hong Kong since a new national security law came into effect. This law will allow the Chinese government to force internet companies to assist with investigations.

Due to the fact that the Chinese government has access to all of these apps, TikTok is one of 60 different apps banned in India. According to Fox News, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo thinks that the U.S. could be next to ban TikTok. Washington D.C. has been working on a campaign to ban Chinese technology firms.


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