Shreveport Police say murder suspect John Hardy attacked a female Bossier Sheriffs Deputy, and tried to escape custody on Friday.

Hardy is accused of killing and dismembering a former business partner, and currently faces charges of Second Degree Murder and Obstruction of Justice. He has been held at the Bossier Maximum Security Facility on a $1.3 Million bond, but had been transported to an area hospital for medical treatment Friday.

Shreveport Police say that while at the hospital, Hardy attacked and overpowered a female Bossier Deputy. He took the Deputy's pepper spray, and used it on her. Then attempted to take her service weapon. Authorities say the doctor in the room was able to tackle Hardy, preventing him from getting the weapon.

Hospital security and police were then able to control Hardy. He was never able to leave the room.

Shreveport Police have now brought new charges against Hardy. Those new charges include Disarming of a Peace Officer and Battery of a Police Officer.

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