EDITORIAL NOTE: A previous version of this story contained video, and still images from the video. The video and images have been removed due to their graphic nature.


The drowning death of 51-year-old Anthony Carmody has been ruled an accident by the coroner, but family members claim negligence on the part of the homeowner, Will Broyles.

Home surveillance video has been obtained by KEEL News from the night the incident took place, when the Carmodys and the Broyles were at the home on East Ridge Drive. On the video, you can see the actions taken by the Broyles' both before and after Carmody goes under water.

Police said Carmody was unconscious when paramedics arrived.

Katherine Carmody, the widow of Anthony Carmody, has filed a wrongful death suit alleging the Broyles bear part of the responsibility for his death.

The suit claims Will and Chelsea Broyles left him alone in the pool in a highly intoxicated state. The suit -- filed on behalf of Katherine Carmody's children and not herself -- came 19 days after Katherine Carmody's 16-year-old son filed a court petition to be emancipated, alleging he is estranged from his mother and does not believe she would act in his best interests by pursuing monetary damages in connection with his father's death.

Another twist in this story is that the Broyles are in the middle of a nasty divorce.

Here's part of the police report from the morning of August 4th, 2018 when Carmody drowned in the pool:

"Shreveport Fire Department was administering CPR to Anthony Carmody.  Mr. Broyles stated that he had gone to bed. He woke up, noticed his wife was not there and went to look for her. He then walked out the back door and witnessed Ms. Carmody passed out asleep in a chair. His wife was swimming in the shallow end of the pool.  Broyles stated that he heard some noises by the deep end when he looked in.  He saw Carmody at the bottom of the pool. He dove in, retrieved him and called 911."

In video viewed by the KEEL staff, Katherine Carmody appears to be unconscious in the walkway, while the Broyles move around the pool. At one point, you can hear someone say what sounds like "he's dead". The phrase sounds like it's repeated a few times after the first time it's said. Timers included in the video show both the time of the night, as well as a timer counting the moments from when Anthony Carmody goes under the water.

At one point in the video, homeowner Will Broyles can be heard referring to Katherine Carmody by name, but seems to be unable to identify Anthony Carmody before he's pulled from the pool, or as he's next to Carmody while on the phone with 911.

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