We continue to pray for Stuti Jawahar, a senior at C.E. Byrd High School who was involved in a crash on Highway 3132 near Ellerbe Road in Shreveport. She was taken to LSU Health Sciences Center with injuries to her brain. Her father posts daily updates on Facebook. Here's his latest message.

Another good day of encouragement and improvements. I do want to share something with you all. During this whole journey one of the amazing phenomenon that we have noticed is that whenever the doctors try to propose a procedure to correct any bothersome issue with Stuti, the issue resolves itself. Most recent example is of her left arm that had a severe contracture at the elbow. If you all remember, I had even posted that one night when I tried to straighten it for a brace, she had cried. During her last visit, the neurologist had suggested that he might need to inject Botox in it to break the spasm. Well today was exactly one week from that visit and her arm completely straightened up! Nothing had to be done EXCEPT to ask the Almighty to intervene. That is exactly why I have absolute faith that with y'all lifting your prayers, she is going to start speaking soon. God bless you all.

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