On Tuesday (11/9/21) a fight broke out between two students at Minden High School that ended with a stabbing. According to Minden Police, a 14 year old student was stabbed by the 15 year old student seven times after a disagreement that started out of school days earlier.
The 14 year-old victim was transported to the hospital after the incident and is expected to recover. The 15 year old was taken in to custody with possible charges of attempted 2nd Degree Murder and Possession of Marijuana. The 15 year-old is currently being held at Ware Youth Center.
The Minden Police Association had this to say:
"Minden High School teachers were able to prevent a loss of life. A fight between two juveniles broke out in the school after beginning in the streets days earlier. This is another example of street violence infiltrating safe spaces."
The recent uptick in violent crime in Minden is putting a strain on the short-staffed Minden Police Department. Police are doing everything they can to help keep the peace in the small community.

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