Imagine walking through the woods and seeing this.

Howard Martin posted this photo on Facebook and now many are doing their best to identify this very strange animal.

The photo was reportedly taken near St. Framncsville and it shows a four-legged animal, with no fur, hopping over a branch.

Some on social media have suggested that this animal may be a coyote with mange, while others say that it may be another breed of animal that is sick.

Now, because this is on the internet, like you, we too will approach this photo with caution. This photo could be edited and not authentic, but many are suggesting that they too have seen such animals while out in the wild.

As a matter of fact, someone commented under the original post saying that they have shot one like above.

Jokingly, some have even suggested that the animal in the photo here is part of Louisiana folklore. Yes. some are saying that this may be the "Roogarou."

What are your thoughts on this photo? Is it real and if so, what type of animal is this? You can comment on the social media page that directed you to this story.


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