It's a common problem as summer temperatures heat up.

Pensacola Beach lifeguards are warning beachgoers about stinging sea lice. According to the Pensacola News Journal, lifeguards put out purple flags to alert visitors about the "tiny jellyfish larvae and jellyfish cells." Dave Greenwood is the director of public safety for the beach and says the lice can "mildly irritate a swimmer's skin."

They aren't very intense, which is why we call them sea lice and not sea hornets or sea wasps

I'll be honest—when I first heard sea lice, it sounded like an epidemic but this is a normal issue when the waters get warm and the best part is the sea lice can't live outside of the warm salt water and don't remain on your body once you leave the water.

Regardless, it's nothing I want to experience and I feel like you probably feel the same way. Greenwood says this isn't something that is confined to just Pensacola Beach. If you're headed to any Gulf Coast beach this summer, it could be an issue.

It's just one of those you have to deal with when you go into the Gulf of Mexico. You are a land animal and the Gulf is not our native environment.

Lifeguards plan to check on the sea lice issue throughout the day and notify visitors of any changes.

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