Louisiana's Steve Scalise took another major step in his recovery from an almost-fatal gunshot wound when he returned to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives today in Washington, D.C.  Moving through the room with the aid of crutches, Scalise was greeted by an exuberant ovation from his fellow Congressmen.

Scalise, the House Majority Whip, was critically injured by a bullet from the gun of left-wing activist James Hodgkinson on June 14th while Scalise and other Congressman were practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity.  Three other people were shot in the attack, while Hodgkinson was killed in a shootout with Capitol officers and Alexandria Police.  The bullet that injured Scalise entered through his hip and damaged  blood vessels, bones, and internal organs. After undergoing several surgeries Scalise was released from the hospital on July 26th, more than 6 weeks after he was shot.

In a rousing speech to the House, Scalise thanked God, his wife, Capitol Police officers, and doctors who saved his life.  Scalise said he was also touched by calls from leaders of other nations who reached out to wish him well.  He said that these calls showed him that other countries saw this as not only an attack on individuals, but on the government and citizens of the United States and the freedom and values for which they stand.

Scalise is planning to return to work while continuing outpatient rehabilitation.  Though doctors have cleared him to travel, it is not known when Scalise will make a visit to his home state.

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