SHREVEPORT, LA - Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator has been appointed to serve on the Louisiana State Board of Pardons. But can Prator serve as sheriff and serve on the Pardon Board at the same time? The answer is no.

Prator tells KEEL News he is resigning effective at the end of this month. He will take over this new role on March 1. Who will serve as sheriff? Prator says state law is clear. His Chief Criminal Deputy, Jay Long will step in and serve as sheriff until the new sheriff takes over in July.

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Kate Kelly, a spokeswoman for Governor Jeff Landry tells KEEL News they understand Prator will be resigning as sheriff to take on this new role. She says there is no word yet on when Prator might be confirmed by the State Senate which is required by law.

Governor Jeff Landry has named Prator and 3 others to serve on this panel.

Landry's Other Nominees to the Board of Pardons:

Curtis P. “Pete” Fremin Jr.

Sheryl M. Ranatza (Chair)

Chucky Tillis

What Does Sheriff Prator Say About His Appointment to the Pardon Board?

Sheriff Prator tells KEEL News he is excited about this opportunity. He is looking forward to working with Governor Jeff Landry to bring transparency to sentencing in Louisiana. He says the Governor's office called him out of the blue and asked him if he would be interested in serving and he accepted. He says this 4-year term will keep him active and involved in something he is passionate about.

This is considered a fulltime job. Pardon Board members are paid $40,000 dollars a year plus all expenses. Prator says he will not be required to move to Baton Rouge. He says many of the meetings are done by teleconference.

State law says the board shall have an office in Baton Rouge, but may hold meetings at other places within the state.

Campaign of Sheriff Steve Prator
Campaign of Sheriff Steve Prator

Prator Can Not Serve in Both Rolls

State law says:

"Each member of the board, except for the ex officio member, shall devote full time to the duties of his office, and shall be prohibited from holding any elective, appointive, or public employment; or from engaging in any private business or employment which is in conflict with his duties as a member of the board.
KEEL News has reached out again to Prator to find out when he is resigning and are awaiting his response.

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