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In case you haven't noticed, this bout of winter weather has kicked our butts. SWEPCO is reporting thousands of people are without power. Most areas now are without consistent water service. The roads are basically giant sheets of ice. Things are about as bad as you can imagine.

With that said, Shreveport Police just made a major announcement: Wreckers will no longer respond to calls. Why is that important? If you get stuck or get in a wreck, they will not come pull you out. SPD goes as far as to say that you'll be forced to abandon your vehicle if you end up in a tight spot. Check out their statement below.

The overall message from all area law enforcement officials, Governor John Bel Edwards, and pretty much everyone: STAY OFF THE ROADS! Conditions are dangerous and potentially deadly. Most stores and businesses are closed. Unless it's an absolute emergency, you shouldn't venture out. Not only is it dangerous, but if you get into trouble, there's nobody to come help you.

If you must venture out, here's a list of all the closed roads and accidents. But only go out when it is absolutely necessary.

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