Bad news for many Louisiana residents today. A new list from Forbes magazine says 3 Louisiana Parishes are most at risk for being hit by a natural disaster.

Most of these disasters are the result of weather from hurricanes to wildfires.

This study examined data on FEMA disaster declarations since 2013.

Louisiana and California lead the nation with the most disaster declarations. The Forbes report says  coastal states are more likely to be hit by natural disasters.

Wildfire Grows Rapidly In California's Lake County
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Forbes Report on Top Five Counties at Risk for Natural Disasters

  1. Los Angeles County, CA

Los Angeles is determined to be the area most at-risk for a natural disaster based on data from the last decade. With more than 22 disaster declarations in the county, only two were for something that wasn’t a fire — being severe winter storms, flooding, and mudslides.

  1. East Baton Rouge Parish, LA (tie)

Tying with Orleans Parish only 90 miles south, EBR saw a total of 17 disaster declarations between 2013 to 2023 — 10 of those hurricanes, followed by three coastal storms, two floods, and two severe ice storms.

  1. Orleans Parish, LA (tie)

Further south, Forbes reports that like East Baton Rouge Parish, New Orleans experienced 17 natural disasters in the last decade. Of those 17, 11 were hurricanes, plus three coastal storms, two severe ice storms and one tornado.

  1. Riverside County, LA (tie)

Roughly 60 miles east of Los Angeles, another California county has topped the list for most natural disasters declared. In a 10-year span, more than 80% of Riverside County’s 16 disaster declarations were for fires.

  1. Jefferson Parish, LA (tie)

Like New Orleans, residents in Jefferson Parish know all too well the toll and hurricane can take on a community. Tying with Riverside County, FEMA declared 16 natural disasters for Jefferson Parish, which included 11 hurricanes.

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In the last five years, the U.S. experienced an average of 17.8 natural disasters each year. In 2022, that cause almost $170 billion in damage and destruction.

Fires and hurricanes are the most common disasters hitting the states.

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