State lawmakers are gearing up for the legislation session this spring.  2019 is an election year and several local leaders expect to see some heavy politicking.

State Representative Dodie Horton tells KEEL News the politics hits close to home.  She anticipates the Governor will put someone in the race to try to unseat her.  But she will continue to stand for the people.

Horton says "I believe in less government in your life and less taxes."  Governor John Bel Edwards is also planning to push a measure to increase teacher pay by $1,000 a year. He's also pushing for a higher minimum wage.  But Horton says the very people you say you want to help by raising the minimum wage are the ones who will lose their jobs.

On the teacher pay issue, Horton says she doesn't play games, but she thinks it's up to the local school districts to raise money to increase pay for teachers.  She thinks this is an issue that should be handled in our local communities.

Horton says she will continue to hold the line against increased taxes on Louisiana citizens.

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