“Freezin’ for a Reason” is an apt name for the Special Olympics fund raiser. Raising funds for area causes and programs takes all forms. From bicycling, running and walking in warm weather to, well, plunging into the icy waters of Cross Lake.

At kickoff time, the ambient temperature was 37, maybe 38 degrees. The wind was out of the north at a steady 17 miles per hour with gusts to 23 miles per hour. Cross Lake water temperature is in the mid to lower 60s this time of year. Once Polar Plungers make the commitment, it’s a sure bet they have the best idea of what it’s all about to be Freezin’ for a Reason.

A composite image of the Polar Plunge 2013
Howard J Hart

This year’s plunge drew about 75 intrepid souls who raised money to support Special Olympics inLouisiana. Plungers’ support teams included Shreveport Fire and Rescue EMTs and Divers, Shreveport Police Cross Lake Patrol and Caddo Sheriff Deputies.

About 200 other family members and friends staked out posts on dry land and cheered the Plungers’ determination.

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