Duck season is opening early in Minden this year. Except these ducks aren't for the supper table.  In fact, a few of them could be worth enough money to buy you a new supper table.

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This Friday, August 5, beginning at 5:00 pm at Miller Quarters Park in Minden, the Greater Minden Chamber is presenting their 4th Annual Duck Derby.

What's Going On?

Along with the ever popular duck race, the event will feature food vendors, face painting, jump houses and music. It's truly an event for the whole family!

It's a fundraiser with all the proceeds set to benefit the many community programs sponsored by the Greater Minden Chamber.

It's A Race Of The Rubber Duckies

Thousands of these little rubber ducks, each with individual ID codes, will race to the finish line beginning at 6:00 pm.

The first place finishing duck will be worth a whopping $1,000 to its owner.  Second place is worth $500 and the third place finisher is worth $250 cash.

The cost to purchase these ducks and get in on the action is as follows:

  • 1 Racing Duck - $5
  • Quack Pack (5 Ducks) - $20
  • Quacker's Dozen (12 Ducks) - $50
  • Flock of Ducks (25 Ducks) - $100

To purchase your Duck tickets, go HERE to


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