Shreveport Police Chief Alan Crump talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about Wednesday's Caddo Commission Long Range Planning Committee meeting and their discussion about a crime fighting plan.

Crump tells KEEL listeners that the meeting was worthwhile, saying, "I believe that we confirmed that we (SPD and Caddo Sheriff's Office) have been working together and we are continuing to work together. Despite Sheriff Steve Prator saying that, in his mind, the meeting was not the most productive, Chief Crump added, "There was no conflict between myself and the sheriff and, not to be out of place, but he did not speak at that meeting. He was present, but he didn't speak. I'll leave that there."

Crump also disputed the Prator claim questioning statements from Mayor Tyler that her administration is working on a crime fighting plan, saying, "I think Sheriff Prator was clear in an interview that, relative to patrolling, we do work together and we continue to work together. Some of the operations we can make public. Some of the operations we cannot."


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