Football season is starting off spicy in Louisiana, and it isn't because of anything a Louisiana team is doing. Another team is coming into the state bringing a pretty disrespectful message with them.

South Alabama's football program will be pulling into Louisiana this weekend, and will be bringing a decal on their helmets that is reaching outside of football. Their program has decided to start a fight over Mardi Gras to start the football season...

THE GAME IS HAPPENING IN NEW ORLEANS. Seriously, South Alabama is traveling to Tulane this weekend and plan to wear the "Home of Mardi Gras" decals IN NEW ORLEANS.

Their entire argument is that Alabama had a weak Mardi Gras season prior to Louisiana perfecting the celebrations. That's it. They want to keep a fight going over the idea that they may (and I stress, MAY) have started a celebration before Louisiana, only to be so bad at it that Louisiana lapped them multiple times in the Mardi Gras race.

Literally no one thinks Alabama before Louisiana when they think about Mardi Gras celebrations. Even cities like Shreveport and Lafayette float to the top of Mardi Gras celebrations over anything Alabama has to offer (even if the Shreveport city government is trying to kick Mardi Gras out of the city). There are multiple cities that rank below New Orleans within Louisiana that are all ahead of anything Alabama has to offer when it comes to Mardi Gras.

So with all of that to consider, and how far down the list ANYTHING in Alabama does around Mardi Gras, wearing a "Home of Mardi Gras" decal into New Orleans is just disrespectful.

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