I Just Paid $2,000 for 4 Tickets to See the Dallas Cowboys Play the Philadelphia Eagles.

My brother told me that he was coming to see me for Christmas and he was landing in Dallas the same day the Cowboys were playing the team he hates the most. So of course I took it as a sign that I needed to instantly buy us some tickets to the game.

Imagine My Surprise When I Saw How High Those Ticket Prices Were.

I bought 4 tickets so my brother and I could each invite a friend and although I winced when I hit that pay button I justified the price thinking it was something all NFL fans were paying. We are all paying around $500 for decent tickets right?

Richard Rodriguez, Stringer, Getty Images
Richard Rodriguez, Stringer, Getty Images

A New Report By Bookies.com Claims Cowboy Fans Are Paying Much More Than the Average NFL Fan.

Bookies.com kept it simple when they were trying to figure out how much it costs to go watch your favorite team throw around a football. The calculations were for a family of four attending an NFL game, so the price of tickets, parking, two beers, two sodas, and four hot dogs was calculated. Pretty sure they have underestimated how much parents and kids can eat and drink at a football game but it's okay we will go with it.

Cowboy Fans Made the Top 5 List On Most Expensive Teams to Cheer On.

Just to try and park at the game is crazy expensive. $95 just for parking? Excuse me? that is just rude. According to Bookies.com if you were to get the cheapest tickets possible plus the drinks and hot dogs including parking, you'll be out $748. The average price for a family to watch an NFL game is $548.

You Can Check Out the Complete List of Prices For Families to Attend NFL Games By Clicking Here. 


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