I've been thinking about getting a gun for several years. Many of my friends have guns and even have concealed carry permits. They will often ask me why I don't own a gun. The simple answer is I have always been scared of guns. It's time for me to get over that fear and step into the world of gun ownership.

We teamed up with the great folks at DavTac in Bossier City to start the process. I went to my first class to learn how guns work and get some time shooting my preferred gun.

This class was quite informational. We learned about all of the guns features and how the guns should be handled. The instructers taught us how to load our guns, how to hold the gun and how to aim and how to shoot. These were just some of the topics.


Dav Tac Women's Intro to Firearms

After the classroom portion, we each took our guns into the shooting range and started slow. We loaded and shot only one bullet at a time. We advanced that up to two and then to 3 until we finally got to shoot a full clip.

The most surprising thing about the class for me was the sound of shooting the gun. Even though I had on ear protection, the bang still stunned me each time. After shooting for several minutes, I did get used to the sound and it was not as startling at the end.

DavTac is hosting another class Thursday night. Registration begins at 5pm and the class will start at about 5:30. Call DavTac to find out more about the cost of the class and what you need to bring. The number is 318 562-3253.  I will also be attending the class with you.

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