I was scrolling social media yesterday and came across something odd. I know right? Everyday! But, I saw a video of a very animated woman yelling at a crowd of young people with a microphone. I immediately recognized the location as "Free Speech Alley" on LSU campus.

The woman on the microphone turned out to be Sister Cindy. She was on LSU campus last week doing what she calls the "Sister Cindy's Slut Shaming Show".

Just for a bit of reference Sister Cindy is a travelling evangelist of sorts, who spends her time travelling from college campus-to-college campus to try and spread her message of abstinence in a pretty over-the-top way...

Sister Cindy is not the least bit shy about using vulgar phrases and anatomical terms to catch the attention of students. Her tirade on taking a girl on a date to a Mexican restaurant, while not being the most filthy thing she describes in her bizarre one-woman-show, is absolutely a crowd-favorite!

The LSU students who attended the show are the best part of these videos. Throughout Sister Cindy's firebrand speech, the students can be heard cheering and clapping, which just adds more fuel to Cindy's flame.

Here is a look in to Cindy's past. Also showing how long this lady has been at it!

I'm not quite sure if Sister Cindy knows if she's the butt of a joke to the cheering students, but it doesn't seem to slow her down at all! A crowd is a crowd after all...

This also isn't the first time Sister Cindy visited LSU. Cindy came back in 2022 and set up a speaker to do her show. This may be why this year the crowd was so huge.

It looks like Cindy is going to continue her travelling show until college kids aren't horny anymore. What a trooper!

Here is the full video of Sister Cindy's 2022 visit to LSU campus.

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