The White House is falling in Shreveport, not the nation's capital. Over the next few days, the movie set for "Olympus Has Fallen" is being torn down off Arthur Ray Teague Parkway.


The top of the structure is still standing, but the gates are in slithers. A construction worker says they were told by movie company reps not to salvage the wood, that it was not salvageable, but some people couldn't resist having a souvenir.

In fact, the worker told me he was able to find "gold" shotgun casings by the road side that were used in a gun battle scene.

I walked through the dirt to check out the remnants as a curious onlooker, and it  made Hollywood's fantasy world seem so special. What were supposed to be stone columns were actually a light-weight styrofoam type material.

I can't wait to see this movie when it hits the big screen. The set was located in a field next to the CenturyLink Center at Arthur Ray Teague Parkway and Walker Place. Walker Place was  made to look like Pennsylvania Avenue.


The movie stars Gerard Butler, who plays as an ex-Secret Service agent fighting to defend the Capitol building from terrorists.  Dylan McDermott and Aaron Eckhart are also in the film.

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